About Us

We offer you everything cool, and make it our business to alert you to things that might have been innovative from the unique perspective. We also make it our business to bring you the creative things of tomorrow, we're not trendsetter, but we're definitely going to point out the people who are, and make big red arrows next to their heads. Most importantly, we bring you the geeky and interesting stuff that you may never have know existed.

We want to make it that much easier to find something creative, fast. Because that's our job, and we're working for you.

You might be asking yourself how do we make money to run the site, basically we are an affiliate of sites like Amazon and Etsy so when you click through from our site to theirs and purchase something we make a small piece of commission. That how we pay for the maintenance of the site.

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If you have any questions or would like to submit a product or service for us to feature on the site, please contact us here.