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5 Reasons Why You Should Get a High Quality Camera for Traveling


When travelling either for business or pleasure, one is likely to encounter scenes, people and situations worth remembering. The best way to capture these situations is by the use of a camera. Some people argue that the cameras bundled with their smartphones are enough when travelling. The truth, however, could not be further than that. There are many areas where smartphone cameras fail when stacked against most modern digital cameras. Here are five of the best reasons you should go for a high quality digital camera when packing for a trip.

  1. The Zoom Function

Even the very best of the best in the smartphone world cannot offer as much zooming capabilities as high quality travel cameras. Most smartphones can only zoom up to 10x. When out in the wild, for example, or the roof of an exotic building, you need as much zoom as 30x or more. Only decent digital and travel cameras will enable you to do that. With such a camera, you will be able to capture moments far from your location. As we all know, moments worth keeping happen only once, and you should be ready to etch them in digital ink.

  1. Optical Image Stabilization

Optical image stabilization is now making its way into the smartphone cameras but still compares poorly to modern digital cameras. Ever wanted the train could stop so that you take that beautiful photo of the waterfall from your window? Optical image stabilization is a neat trick that allows you to do exactly that. It eliminates the blur in pictures to give you the best looking photos when not handling the camera well or in motion. Few high quality cameras come with this feature so you should go with the very best of them all.

  1. Decent Flash

The camera flash does a great job of illuminating pictures when in dark places such as at night. The flash on your smartphone will illuminate dark scenes but only to a certain extent. Digital cameras come with flashes that not only illuminate the scene but also make the scene appear as natural as possible. When taken with a high quality digital camera, be ready for people to confuse your nighttime photos with daytime ones. Also, the positioning of the flash on most modern digital cameras is positioned to tone down on the shadows from the pictures for a natural look.

  1. 4K and HD Quality

While a few smartphones are coming out with the capability to shoot 4K and HD quality videos, the quality of these pictures is greatly improved when combined with the other features on modern digital cameras. When travelling, you can easily place your camera on a tripod and shoot a whole scene without a worry about the quality of the pictures. Even in the rain and under water, modern cameras shoot very clear and quality pictures and videos. With virtually unlimited video lengths, digital cameras will shoot long lengths of high quality video that will lead to colorful memories afterwards.


  • Panorama

The panorama feature allows one to shoot a photo that covers a certain direction in a single photo. While some smartphones have this feature, the digital cameras outdo them to a great extent owing to a wider field of view and the quality of pictures. Panorama pictures are great when trying to capture a scene that spreads wider than what the camera can see, for instance, when trying to cover a whole city from the highest building in a single photo (rather than several photos or a video). The panorama feature can have many other aspects introduced such as zooming into certain parts of the picture and out when details are not needed.

With these reasons in mind, give your phone a break and save that battery for the times you need to make important calls. With most modern cameras being bundled with features such as GPS and the ability to connect to Wi-Fi networks, sharing pictures will be a breeze. When your friends hit the ‘like’ button on your pictures on Facebook, give them the benefit of high quality details which can only be afforded by a high quality travel camera.


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