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Three Great Games To Play This Halloween

With halloween happening on the 30th of October it might be a good to get into the mood but rather than watching a horror why not get more involved with a horror game. To help you pick one to play check out this list of great games to play this halloween.

Dead by Daylight

Dead by Daylight is an asymmetrical survival horror game where players fight for survival in a 4v1 arena based horror game; this multiplayer only game uses a peer to peer connection between places with location based search feature.

Four players are the survivors in this horror slasher game, they must avoid the killer while also completing the necessary objectives to escape from the arena. They need to work together to fix five generators which are spread across the arena, completing these will allow them to open the two exit doors and escape. There is also a hatch hidden in the map which also allows players to escape if they are the last survivor or have a key.

One player is the killer and must stop the survivors from completing their objectives; the killer wins the game by killing survivors in various ways. They must hit each survivors twice to put them in the ‘down’ state which allows them to be carried and placed on a sacrifice hook. When downed, survivors can also bleed to death or be killed on the floor if the killer has used a Mori offering.

Offerings adjust various gameplay factors for that specific game and can only be used once before they vanish from the players inventory. They can make the game more difficult or easier for either side.

Survivors can help heal each other, save others on hooks and also use items to cause the Killer to drop anyone they are carrying. The game rewards teamwork and players score points in a variety of areas that allows players to create unique character builds for each Survivors in the game.

Dead by Daylight is an interesting horror game; it takes the classic slasher movie ideals and transfers them to a multiplayer world where Survivors fight for their lives against a vicious killer.

Layers of Fear

Layers of Fear is one of those potential horror game gems that some players will love and others will be disappointed with; it places emphasis on atmosphere and psychological horror but still features some of the classic jump scares which are popular in horror games right now.

The player controls a painter who has just returned home to begin work on his career defining art piece but this quickly spins out of control as he beings to hallucinate. There are three different endings to the game which are selected according the actions of the players in the game as the story progresses and the true extent of the protagonists condition is revealed.

As the player is controlling in a painter, the aim of the game is to complete his masterpiece by collecting the different pieces he needs; this is done by completing different puzzles found around the house and more unlock as the game progresses. The house becomes more twisted over time and new sections become available as this happens while jump scares will be loaded into the area.

The game is split into six different chapters which slowly unveils the story; finding certain objects in each level will reveal more of the story and the history of the painter. It creates an almost ‘walking simulator’ style game which encourages players to explore as the hallucinations become worse.

Layers of Fear is an interesting psychological horror game which is available for the PS4, Xbox One and also for PC; there is not a lot of constant action in this game and it certainly should not be confused for the Silent Hill Playable Teaser. It’s a relatively slow paced game but the atmospheric build-up could easily make this one of the best horror games of the year.

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Masochisia is a unique horror game which touches on mature themes that could be hit too uncomfortable close to home for some players; there are some very intense moments in this game and the high level of detail in gore can result in some stomach churning moments.

The game is relatively short but the story is certainly memorable. Players control Hamilton, a young boy who lives with his dysfunctional family which consists of two abusive parents and a severely disturbed brother. Hamilton is not entirely clear of problems himself and the player must deal with this as he meets a self-proclaimed angel and progresses through the game.

While this is an intense game, there is very little actual gameplay; most of the game uses simple point and click mechanics as the player explores the world and completes tasks. The game is split into six different acts but can still be completed within a few hours. Players have a range of choices available to them which will change what ending the player gets.

Puzzles in Masochisia are quite limited and are relatively simple, they don’t distract from the story but don’t add very much to the game; if the game was any longer then this could make the gameplay very repetitive. Despite the short length of the game, the story is detailed and filled with interesting twists that keeps the game very entertaining.

There are a few jump scares in this game but they usually occur when they’re expected; instead of jump scares, the game focuses more on delivering horror through it’s story, art style and audio. It makes for an interesting horror game that fans of the genre will certainly appreciate.

Masochisia has a constant uneasy atmosphere with difficult themes which results in a unique 2D story-driven horror game; despite the short length, this is a horror game actually worth playing.


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