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Top 12 Mass Effect Action Figures And Statues

Top Mass Effect Action Figures

Weather you have a Mass Effect collection or just are looking for a Mass Effect item to show your love of the game in your own home, this list of the best Mass Effect figures and statues will help you find the right one for you.

Commander Shepard Action Figure

The most reconsidered character in the Mass Effect franchise as he’s the one you play as through the first three games (unless you played a female shepard or made your own character). This heavily articulated figure is a must have for any game collect or Mass Effect only collector due to the importance of him in the gaming world. This commander shepard action figure comes with two sets of hands, multiple weapons including omniblade, N7 valkyrie rifle and N7 eagle pistol.

A fantastically sculpted figure stands at 8.5 inches tall.

Commander Shepard Action Figure£69.99

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Miranda Action Figure

One of the best options in terms of love interests in the Mass Effect universe for commander shepard, Miranda is a great character to play with and brilliant story as well. This Miranda action figure stands at around 7 inches tall and features specific accessories and weapons relating to Miranda. The action figure is highly detailed making it perfect for both display or to play with.

Miranda Action Figure£24.34

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Tali Zorah Statue

Another great and much loved character from the game series, Tali Zorah.

This Tali stature is brilliantly designed with her classic purple body armour, mask and quarian reegar carbine all of which are inspired by the game.

Tali Zorah Statue£77.62

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Mordin Statue

One of the funniest characters from the series mainly due to his continuing signing and stories. This great Mordin statue stands at 52cm making it a great feature for any Mass Effect collection.

Mordin Statue£737.87

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Commander Shepard Figure

Another great Commander Shepard figure that features excellent detailing and would make a fine addition to any Mass Effect collection.

Commander Shepard Figure£207.40

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Garrus Vakarian Action Figure

One charaters who has been in the Mass Effect universe since the first game is Garrus Vakarian making his action figure one to have in any collection. The Garrus action figure measures at 8 inches tall and features great detailing as well as additional accessories.

Garrus Vakarian Action Figure£395.99

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Grunt Action Figure

One of the best playable characters in all the Mass Effect games in Grunt. Due to his look the 7 inch Grunt action figure would be a fantastic addition to any action figure collection.

Grunt Action Figure£107.05

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Ashley Williams Action Figure

In it from the start Ashley Williams is one of the characters everyone would have played with during the games, once again making this a must have action figure. This highly detailed 8.5 inch  Ashley Williams action figure is fully articulated and comes with character specific rifle.

Ashley Williams Action Figure£48.20

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Garrus Action Figure

This  21cm Garrus action figure is at the high end sector of action figures due to it lovely detailing,  interchangeable hands and weapons.

Garrus Action Figure


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Legion Action Figure

Everyone’s favorite sentient robot Legion. Legion was first introduced to use during Mass Effect 2 and ever since then fans from around the world have fallen in love with him. This 12 inch Legion articulated figure is designed to be as game accurate as possible.

Highly detailed and made from soft PVC skin wrap on the limbs. Other features include light up eyes and cheats as well as including brilliantly detailed game accurate weapons.

Legion Action Figure£210.33

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Thane Action Figure

Mainly featured in Mass Effect 2 and partly in number 3 Thane became one of Shepard best adviser’s, ally and friend and was a great addition to the game as a whole. Many fans around the world actually point Thane as being their favorite characters, I think this mainly comes down to his cool assassin skills.

If you have a Mass Effect collection then make sure that this Thane action figure is part of it.

Thane Action Figure£94.69

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Legion Action Figure

A simpler Legion action figure than the one above but a great option if the one above is to much money or to much action figure for you. A must have for any collector.

Legion Action Figure 2£111.96

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We hope you enjoyed this list of our top 16 coolest mass effect merchandise. Make sure to follow us on all our social profiles to view future top list as well as cool and unique products.

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